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Athena Beauty Salon | Halifax | Beauty treatments for men and women.

Athena Beauty Salon of Hipperholme is a real feature of Halifax’s beauty scene.  Here, I provide, expertly administered beauty treatments for appearance savvy men and women.  Consequently and as the ‘beauty’element in Evans Hair and Beauty, the demand for Athena’s services extends well beyond these Hipperholme and Halifax boundaries.

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Athena pamper packages | Hipperholme | Beauty treatments for all occasions.

At Athena Beauty Salon, I dispense lovely beauty treatments for all occasions; pre- holidays, weddings, festive periods etc; every situation in fact where you need to be seen as being at the top of your game.  Certainly, the men and women of Hipperholme know that whatever the occasion might be, Athena is the place to visit  to experience a real abundance of feel good and look good factors.

From Athena | Head and toe beauty | ... and the bits in between!

A real dedication to providing the finest beauty enhancing treatments is instanced by my role as a Dermalogica stockist. This theme of fine quality products and treatments is further indicated via the use of OPI products for manicures and pedicures ... and the lovely Jane Iredale mineral make up is another significant feature of my product list.

At Athena Beauty, an extensive list of beauty treatments includes:-

‘Lashings’ of eye, face and foot treatments! | Athena Beauty Salon.

Using OPI products, pedicures and manicure treatments are always in demand, as are Athena’s non-surgical facelifts. The ‘lashings’ of eye and skin treatments include FX Lassh extensions, party lash, Marvelscara (*semi permanent Mascara), Microdermabrasion (* a skin-care technique that uses tiny rough grains to buff away the surface layer of skin) plus my fabulous Gellish nails are still priced at an astonishingly low £15.00!

Offers, facilities and prices | Athena Beauty Salon, Hipperholme.

Clients enjoy the advantage of easy parking and a further bonus is the availability of private toilet and shower facilities.  Please ‘click here’ to see full detail of treatments and prices and note that, for visitors via this website, I am happy to offer a 20% reduction on facial treatment costs.

I look forward to welcoming you to Athena Beauty Salon, part of Evans Hair and Beauty in Hipperholme, Halifax.

Lynnette Clarke
Athena Beauty Products